Monday, November 8, 2010

Getting back into the groove...

So, I took Friday and Saturday off from my novel.  Luckily since I was ahead word count wise, this didn't impact me too much.  I was able to write the standard amount yesterday and be right on track.  For this reason, it's nice to get ahead a little bit the first week, just to take one day off.  One thing I always need to remember in NaNo is that you need to take breaks, and do other things. Usually the ideas will flow in, and you'll be a lot fresher.  It's hard sometimes to sit, staring at your computer, willing the words to fly off your fingers, and nothing happens.  This is why, later years in college, I had given up on the whole procrastination thing.  I am much more efficient if I just get things done sooner rather than later.  I say that, but I also did my writing today after I had unpacked things, made dinner, washed dishes, started laundry.... Yea, it got done anyways, but after I had removed all those pesky distractions!

As  far as my book goes, I am in chapter 5 according to my outline.  I have 13 chapters organized, but I don't know how much I will stick to it (also, proportion wise it's off because I'm in the 5th chapter but only 12k words in).  So far I have been writing pretty chronologically throughout the book.  I think this is necessary because it is a mystery, and I think if I write too far ahead, I will lose track of which clues I've presented, and which things the reader has yet to find out.  Plus, it is easier to make drastic changes on a moment's notice when I haven't written any later part of the book yet.  So far, I like my plot and like where it's heading.  I am sort of feeling though, that I pick the wrong topics for the right projects.  Like, in April I tried script frenzy, and it was really difficult after NaNo.  I am so used to just writing blah blah description blah, and you can't do that in a movie script... it wasn't about word count.  I think my plot would have worked way better as a novel.  Now, I am sort of feeling this plot I have now would be better as a movie.  Still, I think it will be a pretty good book too.  I just hope I don't wrap up the mystery and then say ÖK, 25k more words to go.... oops!" If that happens, I will just throw in some zombies, pirates, ninjas, and if needed after that, aliens. Perfect plan.

-Jessie, 12,807 words she would like  to update onto the nano site if it ever loads :)

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  1. Merry Christmas!

    How did your Nanowrimo saga end this year? Did you get across the finish line, or end up derailed?