Monday, November 1, 2010

What's in a name?

So yes, I finally just named my main character. Before this, he was "MC". Good old find and replace aided me in changing his name to Pete. Pete Mansfield. Hopefully that is a good name.

As far as other characters go, his mother is Stacy, and his best friend is Jerry.  That's pretty much all I've decided on so far. I figure, as I introduce characters into the story, I will assign them name as I go along.

In other news, I am already 10% into my book. "What?!!" you may ask. Oh yes, I got to the 5k word mark.  You see, today was a holiday, so I had the day off work to lounge around the house and get a head start.  This worked well, since I know next weekend I will be pretty busy and won't be able to do too much extra over the 1667 daily goal.  Another thing I did to prepare myself was bake a whole packet of pasta yesterday.  I have since killed off the chicken I baked, but will be adding some hamburger meat to the pasta sauce tomorrow.  I have a lot of pasta, so it should last me through the week.  Less time cooking, more time writing!

Jessi at 5,013 words and counting

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