Monday, November 1, 2010

Day 2, really?

So, sometimes I amaze myself in what I decide to do in a short amount of time.  Granted, yesterday was a holiday, so I got quite a bit ahead, but still... I am glad, very glad.  This means (hopefully) I can get to 50k a little early.  I say that now, but of course there will be days where I will slack off.  There will be days where I will think "Eff this writing business!" and frustratedly stare at my word document while nothing happens.  Still, there will be other days where the ideas will flow and my book will take shape. 

Today, I think I made progress in that department.  I like this mystery novel idea because it means I can just cut off scenes without really finishing them, and simply call it suspense. Bwuahaha. It also means I can write some scenes and not have a clue yet of the why, but that's ok because I won't need to explain it until later.  This also means that there are a few gaping holes in my plot.  This could be bad, but it could also be good.  Maybe if I can't think of what to write, I will be forced to answer some questions, and that will guide some more words.  This is either a tactic that will be successful, or one that will set me up for book dead end failure.  Hopefully, it's the former.  That being said, this is my book, so if I ever feel like I am running down the completely wrong path, I can just make a different one.  My outline is not set in such stone to make this impossible.  It is actually quite easy to change an outline when it consists of just a couple headers and key phrases.

Another key to writing is to distinguish distractions from relaxation.  Example:  I could spend forever and a day giggling over things I find on the Cheezburger network.  Productive? Hardly. Amusing? Hell yes. Example 2: The Blind Side arrived from Netflix today, and it was actually quite a good movie.  All inspirational and what not to boot.  I watched it, finished up some dishes, and then sat down and wrote 1200 words.  You have to find what works for you, and realize that these tactics are bound to change throughout the course of the month.  Sometimes experimentation is in order. And that folks, is the name of the nanowrimo game.

-Jessie at 6,268 glorious word nuggets

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