Thursday, November 4, 2010

New motivational tactics

So, every day I am finding ways in which Nano this year is way different than last year.  Last year I was working like 30 hours a week, and I would say I probably wrote a good half of my novel when I was actually at work (haha).  Clearly, this year is different. For one, no writing at work because I actually care about this job. Two, I am working a solid 40 hours per week.  Third, I am in a new country.  I've only been here for a month and still learn things every day.  This makes me a little moody.  Like today, I came home all cheery, chatting up with the driver and with my portero.  Then I discovered that my smoke alarm requires batteries that I don't have.  Then I tried calling for a taxi to go to this wine tasting event, and it turns out that in the evening rush hour time, one and a half hours isn't enough notice for a taxi, and it's more of a two and half hour wait. FFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUU. 

So it was in this mood that I did my daily stroll of the Cheezburger network.  I am also a new member of reddit.  It even has a subcategory just for word counts. For shits and giggles, I posted my word count from yesterday with a note along the lines of "Not including today. Haven't written yet, but will after my motivational pasta and wine." I got comments from two people congratulating me on my word count, and on my motivation.  This made me happy again and I kicked out almost 2000 more words in my novel.  Even made significant progress writing plot, AND figured out some of the holes that remained in the plot in my head. Win? For sure.

Moral of the story? Things are always going to come up.  It's how you deal with them, let them slide, and turn them into something usable that counts. I am almost one fifth through my novel, and that kicks ass. Sure, I still suck and being able to go around town easily, but it will just take time. Wine tasting might have failed me today, but I have plans with friends to go to a kick ass restaurant on Saturday, get my hair done, and go to a ball.  In the grand scheme of things, I will luck out. Also, this means that if I don't get to writing on Saturday, at this rate, I should still be ok word count wise.

- Jessie, relieved to be at 9,885 words

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