Monday, November 1, 2010

Word 2007

You know, I am not one to be a fangirl of Microsoft , but I do in fact have a Word certification (job necessity). Anyways, I know there are all sorts of programs out there to help you write and plan your novels, but sometimes good ol' word processing works wonders.  The feature for outlines in the 2007 version is really handy.  I used headers to mark out my chapters and 1 liner brainstorms of what would happen in each scene. Now I can easily jump around my book and find "that exact place....", chapter, or whathaveyou. I only wish this outline thingy had been there all those years of school where they made us do those damn outlines and there was this constant struggle with the tabs and getting things to line up and "No, this is should be a,b,c not i,ii,iii ARGGGG". They have made it muuuch more easy now and it's awesome.

If you are so inclined, Go to View --> Outline View. From there you can make your handy outline, and use the arrows to promote/demote whatever you're working on. Then when you go back to normal mode, use the document map on the left to click through to where you want to be.... and then start typing! This is super nice if, some days, you don't want to write in sequence and feel like skipping ahead 3 chapters (I've already done this once hehe).

Ok, enough procrastination on this silly blog!

-Jessie at 3376 words

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